Chef Mandy Pan grew up in a small town in Malaysia and as a young lady always had a deep curiosity for mixing ingredients and studying their reaction. She attended the National University of Singapore and after three years, she earned a prestigious Bachelor’s degree in Applied Chemistry. During her time at University, Mandy began to realize that she did not enjoy working in a traditional lab environment, and would often bake confections for her friends and family to rave reviews. When Chef Mandy’s husband was offered an opportunity to continue his Ph.D. studies in the United States, she eagerly joined him using the opportunity to obtain an additional diploma in French Pastry Technique. It wasn’t until Chef Mandy moved to the U.S. that she ever had considered a career path in pastry arts, but after a stint at the Ritz Carlton Chicago, she began to realize that her true calling was in the kitchen.

Precise and focused in her approach, Mandy began to set her sights on working for the best in the business—in her opinion, Francois Payard in New York City, who was coincidentally Chef Daniel Boulud’s longtime pastry Chef, helping Daniel to achieve four stars in the New York Times many years ago. Despite the competitive odds, Mandy fought for a chance to stage at Payard’s New York City patisserie, earning her place as the only female pastry cook on the team. Under Payard’s tutelage, she took on a wide range of responsibilities, including the production of all cakes, from petits gateaux to complex celebration cakes for all three branches of Francois Payard’s Bakeries, FP Patisserie and wholesale production. In her own words, Chef Mandy described her experience as such: “I moved to New York City to broaden my exposure and to learn from the best in the industry. The level of professionalism and technical knowledge that Chef Francois Payard instilled in me pushed me to reach for higher goals and be the best that I can be on a daily basis. My pursuit of excellence has never stopped since.”

After two years in New York, Mandy moved to Atlanta to lead the pastry team at the luxurious and award winning St. Regis Hotel. Building on the advanced training and management she had learned under Payard, Mandy oversaw all long range planning and development of dessert menus. Yet there was one accomplishment that still eluded her: securing a pastry position in her beloved Singapore.

When Chef Mandy learned that Daniel Boulud opened db Bistro & Oyster Bar, she knew that she had found her chance to fulfill this dream. Having great respect for the quality of Chef Daniel’s restaurants in New York, she joined db Bistro & Oyster Bar Singapore’s team as Pastry Sous Chef under the guidance of Executive Pastry Chef Benjamin Siwek. It was here where Mandy began blending her prestigious French training with an appreciation for local fruits and ingredients, inspiring her emerging and highly personalized dessert style. After just two years of working at db Bistro, Chef Daniel began to recognize Mandy for her amazing precision, finesse, immaculate technique, and mastery French aesthetic in her approach as well as her bright and kind demeanor in the kitchen.

In July 2016, Mandy was enthusiastically named Executive Pastry Chef at db Bistro & Oyster Bar by Chef Daniel himself, fulfilling her ambition to follow in her mentor Francois Payard’s footsteps of working for a true master of French Cuisine. Chef Mandy looks forward to serving her adopted home town some of the most creative and finest French pastries this side of the world.